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Brand Philosophy

Letoonia is NATURAL: Ours is a Mediterranean approach to hospitality, with a communication style that is sincere, warm, good-humored and positive whatever the circumstances.

Letoonia is CREATIVE: We strive to provide services that pioneer creativity and undertake projects and philosophies that have not been done before.

Letoonia is ENERGETIC: Our youthful and energized team ensures that every year we remain ahead of tourism and vacationing trends, always providing the newest and most dynamic services and in doing so generating excitement and enthusiasm amongst guests and staff alike.

Letoonia is RELIABLE: Achieving customer satisfaction is our key goal and we never make concessions with regard to international quality standards in sustainable tourism and hotel management.

Letoonia is COLOURFUL: We place emphasis on multi-cultural environments, cultural interaction and are respectful of all cultural differences.

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