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Letoonia Resorts opened its first resort in 1989, established on a 165.000 m2 peninsula located in the Paçarız Cape Region in Fethiye. The Resort was named after the ancient city of Letoon, which is located close to Fethiye.

Letoonia Resorts heralded a new era in Turkish tourism, being one of the first 5 star hotels and resorts with the All Inclusive Concept in Fethiye, a region famous for natural beauty. Letoonia Resort later changed its name to Club & Hotel Letoonia, Fethiye.

In 1997 Letoonia Resort expanded on the success in Fethiye and opened a second resort in Belek called Letoonia Golf Resort. Also one of the first All Inclusive Concept resorts in the area, Letoonia Golf Resort strengthened its prestige in the service sector as the first 5 star hotel in Belek with the “Ultra All Inclusive” concept (meaning 24-hour services included).

Today, with two award winning destinations in Fethiye and Belek, Letoonia Resorts continues to shine as a star of Turkish Tourism, and is a celebrated brand with a loyal clientele both in the Turkish and international markets.

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