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Far Eastern Cuisine

At Club & Hotel Letoonia / Panaroma Sushi Restaurant, you can sample Asian dishes designed to satisfy both the eyes and the stomach. The Japanese menu comprises sushi dishes including baja roll (carrots, red pepper, green onion and cucumber sushi), California roll (reverse-rolled salmon, crab meat, avocado and salmon caviar topping), temaki (fresh salmon, cream cheese and cucumber inside cone shaped algae leaf roll), salmon sushi (sushi with salmon), ebi sushi (sushi with prawns), futo maki (sushi rice, asparagus and carrot and tamago rolled in algae) as well as salmon maki, chicken maki, prawn and vegetable maki, avocado and crab maki, rice salmon maki and salmon and prawn nigiri.

Club & Hotel Letoonia is pleased to offer guests who would like to experience the unique flavours of the Far East the chance to do so at our Resorts.

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