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Flora and Fauna

More than 100 species of birds including the barn owl, the symbol of Belek, are indigenous to the 75,000m2 area where Letoonia Golf Resort is located.

The Belek coastline is the second most important ovulation region of the endangered Caretta Caretta turtle.

These beautiful creatures can grow up to one meter long and feed on the fish, shellfish and jellyfish that are located in the waters off the coast of Belek.

Caretta Carettas only come on land during their egg laying periods and over millions of years have evolved perfectly paddle shaped legs which help them swim. They can stay underwater for a long time although they must surface occasionally to replenish their oxygen supply. During the nesting period the turtles dig holes on the sandy beaches at night where they lay up to 100 eggs at a time (up to 162 eggs in one nest has been recorded). After a two month incubation, the baby Caretta Carettas hatch at night and embark on a speedy journey to the sea so as to avoid becoming prey to the many predators who feed on them.

The history of the Caretta Caretta dates back almost 106 million years, but human settlement and expansion into their nesting areas means that today they face extinction. Vital conservation measures are being taken along the nesting beaches of Caretta Carettas in Turkey where the species is under protection.

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Only 10km from Belek is an area called Boğazkent, famous for being a bird paradise. Some 207 species of birds live here at various times of the year. 38 of them visit Boğazkent in summer, 60 in winter and 70 transit through Boğazkent as part of their annual migration.

Also there are 574 species of plants, 29 endemic plants (only found in Turkey) 1 relic endemic plant (only found in Belek) and Pyrus Serikensis all growing within the Belek Tourism area, and most of which are also found on the site of Letoonia Golf Resort. There are also 109 species of birds living in Belek.

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