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Land Sports

Sports at Club & Hotel Letoonia that are part of Letoonia’s All Inclusive Concept (and so are complimentary): Aerobics, Gymnastics, Stretching, Step, Yoga, Tae Bo, Jogging, Basketball, Mini Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Chess, Darts, Boccia, Badminton, Archery, Tennis (6 Courts: 4 Carpeted, 2 Tartan), Table Tennis, Mini Golf, Mini Chess, Outdoor Chess, Billiards.

Guests can enjoy complimentary use of the Fitness Center. Also at Club & Hotel Letoonia, complimentary tennis lessons and tennis rackets are available.

Private Tennis Lessons and use of the tennis court with night-time lighting are available but charges apply.

Outside the Resort there are many other land sport activities in the Fethiye region. One of the most popular is Paragliding, where participants take-off from the Babadağı mountain and land in Ölüdeniz, on Belçekız beach.

Fethiye also offers ideal terrain for cycling, jogging and trekking. Sports enthusiasts can consider participating in the Lycia Road Ultra Marathon, which takes place annually in September.

Guests interested in more extreme sports can take a tour in a Jeep Safari, or sign up for Canoeing, Bungee Jumping, Motorcross and Hunting, which are available through special tour organisations. More details are available from Guest Relations.

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