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Leto, Latin Latona, in classical mythology, a Titan, the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe, LETO was the lover of Zeus, mother of the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis. When Leto was pregnant with the twins, she was pursued relentlessly by the goddess Hera as she was incredibly jealous because of their relationship.

Hera droves LETO from land to land, preventing her from finding a place to rest and give birth. Posiedon sees her distress and creates a peninsula for refuge. Poseidon wants LETO to get rid of Hera and reach the land as soon as possible, thus turns her into a seagull for a short time, and LETO goes to the peninsula. Here, under the shade of an olive tree, she gives birth to her daughter Artemis and her son Apollo.

Club & Hotel Letoonia is located on this legendary peninsula in Fethiye, where Leto gave birth to Artemis and Apollo.




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