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The love affair between Zeus, which is the greatest among all Gods, and unique beauty LETO, who is daughter of Kolos and Phoebe made Hera, who is more beautiful than Aphrodite, jealous.
When LETO is expecting Apollo and Artemis from Zeus, Hera regains Zeus but she never give up being jealous of her. So as, she constantly follow LETO, who refuge to Aegean Sea and try to prevent her from giving birth to her children.
Poseidon, who is the God of Sea, hardly tolerated these and finally created a peninsula that stretch out towards the sea with his trident in order to help her to reach at the land safely and give birth to her children.  
Poseidon wants LETO to rescue from Hera and reach at the land as soon as possible and converts her to a seagull and so LETO reaches at the land. She gives birth to her daughter Artemis and son Apollo under an olive tree. 
Well today Club & Hotel Leetonia is placed on the peninsula, where Leto gave birth to Artemis and Apollo.

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