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Letoon, which was a city of Lycia, namely “Land of Lights” in Latin language, is placed nearby Fethiye Kumluova.  According to the story told by Poet Ovidius, the city was built in the name of Leto, who became pregnant by Zeus. The oldest evidence of living reaches up to A.D 7th century.  Nowadays, there are three temples side by side.  The one, which was placed in the north corner, is devoted to Leto, the one in the middle is devoted to Artemis and the one in the southern corner is devoted to Apollo. There is a fountain the southeast and a church in the eastern side of the temples.  There is Stoa and a theater left from Hellenistic Age, which partly osculates to the nature.  Letoon, which is accepted as the most spiritual city of Lycian Civilization and listed in UNESCO Global Culture Heritage List, is waiting for you to tell mysterious stories of ages.  

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