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Club & Hotel Letoonia is located on a completely private peninsula and welcomes guests in Fethiye, an area of unparalleled geographical beauty in Turkey.

A Hotel on a Private Peninsula

Opened in 1989, Club & Hotel Letoonia, holds a privileged place in Turkish tourism as one of the few tourism facilities in the country to be established in a uniquely special location, and continues to be among a small number of hotels with the highest guest satisfaction and loyalty levels.

Wooden ornamented bungalows were specially designed by the famous Turkish architect Nail Çakırhan, resulting in a resort where nature and architecture blend harmoniously. Club & Hotel offers guests a holiday where the experience combines both unique location and total sensory appeal.

Taking its name from the ancient city of Letoon, the resort overlooks the Fethiye Bay and Lycia peninsula, which was one of the most important settlements of the Lycian civilization.

Club & Hotel Letoonia spans some 165,000 square meters with a capacity of 1,502 beds. The resort is home to countless pine trees, bougainvillea, rose bushes and plants endemic to the Lycian peninsula.

Club & Hotel Letoonia offers guests a UltraAll Inclusive Concept, with three Open Buffet Restaurants, three snack restaurants and three A la Carte Restaurants catering Fish, Turkish and Asian styled menus. In addition there are numerous bars, and a Moonlight Disco, which integrates an authentic lighthouse into its open-air design, and offers a spectacular view across the sea and towards the mountains.

Today Club & Hotel Letoonia continues to be a popular destination choice with newly decorated rooms and a high-end service philosophy.

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