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As Letoonia Resorts, we understand that we are all responsible for the protection of the ecosystem, biodiversity, cultural values and supporting local producers in the region where we operate. We know that the future of tourism is only possible through sustainable tourism.

To this effect, we are a member of Travelife, a consultancy, supervision and certification organization for sustainable tourism businesses and green hotels around the world.

All our buildings are non-smoking establishments, acording to law number 5727 regarding the prevention and control o harm caused by tobacco products. We support human and environmental health by creating smoke-free areas.

Our hotels are part of Travelife Sustainability System (TSS), and we work to meet following the sustainability criteria:

•Informing and guiding our guests so as to consume less energy;
•Training our employees about how to save energy and water;
•Waste management for recycling;
•Waste water management;
•Where possible buying organic and local food products;•Employing a food engineer responsible for food safety and quality management;
•Reducing water consumption in the landscape by growing indigenous plants that have adapted to the particular conditions of land where the Resorts are located;
•Where possible, using natural and recyclable materials in our construction;
•Using environmentally friendly cleaning products:

and Other sustainability criteria across a variety of areas.

Year Electricity Water Natural Gas Pool Chemicals Powder Detergents Liquid Detergents Coal Propane Cylinder
24 kwh
1,6 m3
1,38 sn3
1.8 L
0,04 Kg
0,16 L
0.19 Kg
0,004 m3
21 kwh
1,3 m3
1,22 sn3
1,5 L
0,04 Kg
0,15 L
0,17 Kg
0,003 m3












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