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Turkish Cuisine

Besides the Club & Hotel Letoonia open buffets which offer dishes that will be familiar to all European guests, Letoonia offers a special opportunity to sample a rich choice of kebabs and meat dishes prepared by our Turkish Chefs, along with our traditional drink Rakı, at our A la Carte Restaurants.

The menu includes a large selection of cold and hot appetizers (this course is called ‘mezze’ and is central to Turkish cuisine); pastries such as pide and lahmacun that are cooked in special oven wood fires; and, for dessert, baklava, şekerpare, tulumba, kemalpaşa, güllaç, kazandibi, tavukgöğsü and the world-famous lokum, or Turkish Delight.

Also don’t miss the chance to try gözleme, a traditional filled pancake that is prepared on a special heat griddle by Turkish Women, who make the wraps to order at special cooking stations around the Resorts throughout the day.

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